Vindu (Norwegian for "window", our main theme) is a question based simulation that puts the player in the shoes of people in low income households during the beginning of a pandemic. 
The player encounters specific situations and has to choose between options while considering their monthly allowance. Without savings and their job at risk, tough decisions have to be made. The goal of the simulation is to raise awareness among the upper middle class of the situation lower income households are being pushed into and the problems they have to face. Like looking through a window, vindu provides in insight into other people's lives.
my roles and responsibilities
lead coder
visual direction
UI/UX, interaction design
sound design
product trailer
in-game scenes

This animation shows how we actually planned the transition to the next question to be. This would have showed the player the consequences of their choice more clearly, but we had no time left.


This moodboard was crucial for the styleguide since it helped our team to be on the same page setting the mood and look of the game.

Our color palette is mainly inspired by the illustration in the upper right corner of the moodboard. We wanted to achieve a dramatic effect that triggers emotion and empathy, since that is the goal of our game.

trailer storyboard

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